Australian South Sea Islander Historical Information Sheets

The Australian South Sea Islander Historical Information Sheets were prepared by the Historical Advisory Committee of ASSI (PJ) branch. The series of short essays cover the demography of ASSI during the 19th and 20th centuries, the problems of terminology, health and mortality statistics, examples of kidnapping and cruelty, the nature of the ‘recruiting’ practices which included kidnapping and voluntary enlistment.

One Information Sheet concentrates on the Pacific Islanders’ Fund into which, after 1885, was placed the wages of deceased Islanders, some of which were misappropriated by the Queensland Government. There are also details about the ASSI Oral History Collection held at James Cook University, and the ASSI connection with Torres Strait Islanders.

Information Sheet 1 – The Demography of Pacific Islander migrants in colonial Queensland.

Information Sheet 2 – Blackbirding, Kidnapping and Slavery?

Information Sheet 3 – Incidents of abuse of Pacific Islanders during the recruiting process to Queensland.

Information Sheet 4 – Incidents of abuse by employers of their Pacific Islander labourers.

Information Sheet 5 – The Deportation of Australian South Sea Islanders by the Commonwealth Government, 1901-1908.

Information Sheet 6 – Australian South Sea Islanders during the Twentieth Century.

Information Sheet 7 – Australian South Sea Islander Oral History Collection, 1974-1980.

Information Sheet 8 – The Demography of Pacific Islander Migrants in Colonial Queensland.

Information Sheet 9 – Australian South Sea Islander demography in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Information Sheet 10 – Benjamin Boyd and the Importation of South Sea Islanders into New South Wales in 1847.

Information Sheet 11 – The Pacific Islanders’ Fund and the Misappropriation of the Wages of Deceased Pacific Islanders by the Queensland Government.

Information Sheet 12 – Indenture and Slavery.

Information Sheet 13 – Solomon Islands Labourers in Queensland, 1870-1906.

Information Sheet 14 – Australian South Sea Islanders in Torres Strait.

Information Sheet 15 – Current Australian South Sea Islander Surnames & Chronology.

Information Sheet 16 – Australian South Sea Islanders Leadership and Kastom in Pacific Islands Nations.

Information Sheet 17 – Australian South Sea Islanders and their Kin Connections to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Information Sheet 18 – Australian South Sea Islanders Chronology

Information Sheet 19 – Recommendations to the The Pacific Declaration of the Preparatory Meeting for Pacific Indigenous Peoples on the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 2014.

Information Sheet 20 – Recommendations to United Nations Human Rights – Universal Periodic Review 2015