Faith Bandler, AO

Mrs Faith Bandler, AO – panel ABC News THE DRUM 2015

The DRUM 2015 – panel with Helen Coonan former Government Minister and Natasha Robinson senior writer The Australian.

Funeral coverage ABC News 24

Mrs Faith Bandler, AO – Funeral coverage ABC News 24, RIP 1918 to 2015.

Mrs Faith Bandler AO, REMEMBERING OUR ICON, 13th February 2015

Professor Clive Moore from University of Queensland said that he was saddened to hear of Faith Bandler’s death. “I regard Faith as one of the greatest Australians of the twentieth century. Marilyn Lake, in the title of her 2002 biography of Faith, described her as a “gentle activist”. Faith was all of this.” Malcolm Fraser described her “ability to inspire people of all races” to take on the struggle for Indigenous Australian and South Sea Islander Australian rights. Likewise, Fred Chaney, on the other side of politics, said that Faith was a charismatic leader who had a strong sense of justice. Faith knew people in all walks of life and could lobby effectively at the highest levels, but she never forgot her humble upbringing in northern New South