Stan Grant IQ2 debate on Racism.

Is Australia really a multicultural safe haven of equal opportunity? Or is racism more prevalent than ever before? Stan Grant took to the stage for the last IQ2 debate of 2015. His speech is widely acknowledged to be one of the most powerful ever heard at IQ2.


“The Queensland Government misappropriated what would equate to more than $38 million from the Pacific Islanders’ Fund.” The statement was made by leading researcher from The University of Queensland and Pacific Islands expert, Professor Clive Moore in a public lecture given on the Thursday 15 August, from UQ’s School of History.

NITV Queensland reporter Michelle Tuahine reports on Wantok 2012.

It was voted unanimously by delegates at the 2012 Wantok Australian South Sea Island National Conference in Bundaberg, Queensland, 6th-9th April 2012 that ASSI peoples wanted a new National Representative Body.

Polynesians divided over Disney depiction of Moana.

Manny Tsigas – SBS World News – Polynesians divided over Disney depiction of Moana. See interviews with Uani Havea – Tongan Language School, Selwyn Lloyd – Vice Chair NSW Council for Pacific Communities and Emelda Davis chair ASSIPJ.

BLACK LIVES MATTER (Australia) – Jodan Perry NITV News.

‘Black Lives Matter’ is a campaign that originated in the United States – created in response to a series of police killings of African American men. There have been calls for a similar movement here in Australia, due to our own troubled racial history. (intv with Emelda Davis president ASSIPJ)

Courting Blakness – Panel Session on Blackbirding – 19 Sept 2014.

The University of Queensland, St Lucia – Venue: Sir Samuel Griffith Room.

Convenor: Professor Jennifer Corrin, Director, Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law Professor, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland. Prof Jennifer Corrin will convene the session on behalf of the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law and UQ Solomon Island Partnership. Chairperson: Mr Stefan Armbruster will Chair the Panel.

First Speaker: History Professor Clive Moore will be speaking about the history surrounding Blackbirding. Second Speaker: Legal Issues Professor Reid Mortensen will be speaking about the use of the language of slavery in two prosecutions for blackbirding in Australian courts in the 1860s – those relating to the voyages of The Daphne and The Jason. While at times the language of slavery was used by colonial judges, until its use was abandoned in political circles it also impeded a more effective regulation of the indentured labour trade.

Third Speaker: Inside Perspective Mr Paul Malai Mae is from Solomon Islands and will speak about community experiences relating to Blackbirding.

Blackbirding Exhibition – Solomon Islands National Museum 2014.

Australian South Sea Islanders (Port Jackson) are excited to travel to Honiara, Solomon Islands to share in a ‘Finding Family workshop.

Broadcast on Sept 2nd, 2013.

This special report from the ABC’s Lateline program.
Broadcast: 02/09/2013
Reporter: Charmaine Ingram

Mal & Jeffrey Meninga share their SSI heritage.

Mal and Jeffrey Meninga share their heritage as apart of Recognition of 150 years for South Sea Islanders and their ancestors. Hailing from Tanna Island the Meninga name is linked to Paramount Chief blood lines. The Vanuatu Prime Minister has called for an apology.

Sunny Side plantation Bundaberg QLD.

Ground penetrating radar proves the graves exist on Sunny Side plantation. Tributes for the first service of unmarked graves for Bundaberg and there are many more sites like this. Matt Nagas master of ceremonies.

Blackbirding history to be apart of Vanuatu school curriculum.

Robert Mann shares his story about his great grandfather from Ambrym Island and being blackbirded. The trade of Pacific Islanders forcibly shipped to Northern Australia to work on sugar and cotton plantations was known as ‘blackbirding’. The majority were taken from Vanuatu, where the Government is now putting the dark chapter of the country’s history back on the education agenda. (Vanuatu footage compliments of ASSI.PJ)

ABC afternoon News 24 – Australian South Sea Islanders 2013.

Australian South Sea Islanders proper Recognition requires inclusion of ASSI history across the board from a national perspective as seen with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History.